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Community partners and inspiring stor​y-tellers in Cincy:

Date: October 14, 2017

Time: 3:00 - 6:00 pm

Location: Switch on 312 W. 4th St.

Cost: Free! But donations are welcome

What's your story? Where's your passion?
​Who are your people? 

Stories are a way to build empathy. When we tell our own story, we welcome others to share in our passions. 

StoryFest Cincy is an interactive storytelling event that brings people together from all over our city to build connections and create a place of belonging. Various forms of art will be represented at the event. All are welcome to attend! 

StoryFest Cincy

StoryFest Cincy is a celebration of community in Cincinnati. This year the theme is Spark! Join us for an interactive story telling event that will leave you inspired and encouraged.