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About Starfire

Starfire is bringing people together in unexpected and creative ways. We take your ideas and your passions and connect you to a network of people who share the same interests. Often we spend time doing things like watching TV, or browsing YouTube videos of cats, when instead what we are looking for is happiness, and a sense of belonging somewhere. Think about the last time you were part of bringing a new idea to life. It might have been since you were a child. Or maybe it was this week. Starfire is here to ignite the imaginations of all citizens, in ways that bring each person closer to others who like the same things. Join us, and begin the journey of forming friendships and discovering your own happiness right there in your neighborhood.


Starfire’s work has been inspired by the work of many community-minded, strengths-based thinkers including Jo Krippenstapel, Tom Kohler, Wolf Wolfensburger, Jean Vanier, John O’Brien and Connie Lyle O’Brien.


by John O’Brien and Connie Lyle O’Brien
“All citizens have better life chances, and everyone’s world grows more interesting, when communities offer rich opportunities for all people to have these five valued experiences.”
  • Sharing Places – People sharing the ordinary places of community life at the same time and in the same way as others helps them be seen for their gifts and passions.
  • Making Choices – Choices big and small, in all areas of one’s life, lead to possibilities and opportunities to grow.
  • Making Contributions – Attaining valued roles that use our gifts, talents, passions, interests, ideas and opinions are all ways to make contributions.
  • Growing in Relationships – Taking time to develop a wide, diverse range of relationships with people to grow stronger in our relationships.
  • Experiencing Respect – Being seen as a valued person who has positive roles to play in other people’s lives by putting our best foot forward.


Click the title above to see a current list of our favorite resources and thinkers Learn more about the work that guides much of what we do at Starfire. Below is our recommended list of resources and thinkers to Google for more information.