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About Starfire

About Starfire

What's the big picture?

Starfire is focused on decreasing the social isolation felt by people with disabilities. The study below was done by Jack Peeler in the 1990s. He asked 51 people with disabilities, "Who's in your life?"; and the results were this startling picture of isolation. As you can see, out of all the people in a person's life, friends and other citizens comprised the smallest number by far. That's why at Starfire, we are challenged to change this picture by helping people with disabilities and their families connect to a network of friends, neighbors, and others in their community. Working with one person at a time, we believe we can decrease people's sense of loneliness, and work toward a good life.

How it all works...

Starfire is a conduit to relationships. So whether you are a person with a disability, a family member, or a community member looking to get involved, we will help you connect to people who you share things in common with.

"All citizens have better life chances, and everyone's world grows more interesting, when communities offer rich opportunities for all people to have these five valued experiences." John O’Brien and Connie Lyle O’Brien

Our values: The 5 Valued Experiences

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"A strong sense of belonging – really feeling that there is a place for us in our community – and a bond of trust with our neighbors have the greatest influence on how we rate the quality of our life." – Vital Signs Report, Vancouver Foundation 2012